What is an Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a peculiar type treatment with extracts from medicinal plants and herbs. This treatment is about thousands of years old and has been becoming prevalent world wide irrespective of their culture. Aromatherapy is the ancient method of treatment commonly used to improve healing, relaxing and revitalizing of our body systems. This is a very positively responding treatment to have physical and mental wellbeing of people. The medicines of this therapy are considered as the fastest developing alternative medicines of the world.

Since plant and herbal extracts are the key factors of this treatment, very high attention is needed to prepare the same. These extracts are termed as ‘Essential Oils’. These essential oils are used either as alone or in combination with certain other vegetable or herbal oils to develop the desired result within a short time. The combination of different essential oils to enhance the power of the treatment is termed as the ‘Synergy’ of oils. In aromatherapy we can find different surprising combinations of herbal essential oils for the treatment of various ailments.

Scientists have conducted researches on these essential oils. They came to the conclusion that these oils have got medicinal properties and can be used for the treatment of physical and psychological ailments. According to their report the essential oil has certain unique properties to fight against bacteria and virus. Certain other oils can stimulate formation of urine, blood circulation and hormones. In the psychological treatment it can be used as very safe tranquilizer with out fearing about side effects.

In the inhaling process of the aromatherapy the vapors of the essential oils are used to counteract the ailments. The medicinal vapor enters into the brain through the nasal holes and stimulates the nervous system. The nervous system in turn influences body systems to function properly. This treatment corrects the production of hormones, stimulates the function of brain, controls the heart beat, enhances the blood circulation to normalize the blood pressure, controls breathing process, reduces stress and stimulates the memory power. This is how the essential oil works to develop the physical and mental wellbeing in aromatherapy.

Since the essential oils are highly concentrated in nature, it is too dangerous to have the same internally. If needed, the same can be consumed in highly diluted form only under medical supervision. Essential oils are also toxic in nature. So it is essential to keep them out of reach of children.

The aromatherapy is helpful in reducing muscular pains, backache, sprains, frozen shoulder and stiff neck. For this treatment one or two drops of aromatic essential oils can be applied directly to the affected area with vigorous message in circular motion using palms and fingers. The patient will feel relief and relax with immediate effect. This miraculous nature of the essential oils fascinated the sportsmen and athletes to adopt aromatherapy to get relief from pains and sprains. The pain reliving nature of the essential oils can also be applied in the treatment of rheumatism. The main advantage of this treatment is that there won’t be any side effects in all these occasions. Since it is friendly in nature essential oil can be kept at homes to produce pleasant aromatic fragrance in rooms and also for the local application on the body.

Thus, the Aromatherapy has been getting recognition among people all over the world.