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You are never Lost with a Gps Cell Phone

GPS or `global positioning system` has varied uses, amongst which the GPS cell phone is the most popular. They use a tracking system to locate people and also guide them towards their destination. Of course, this is possible only after the required software and service provider has been loaded onto it. Previously, it required the use of expensive software and hardware to carry out the functions of a GPS but with the evolution in technology, cellular service providers give a complete solution. It is possible to keep tabs on your family and friends with the help of the GPS cell phone.

Tackling emergency situations – The attack on the Twin Towers in September/11/2001 caused research to evolve emergency calling capabilities. It was made compulsory for all cell phones to be able to track calls within a distance of a 100 meters. This made it necessary to integrate GPS technology in cell phones. This was the easiest and most innovative way of achieving the desired results. However, the average GPS cell phone is a bit different from the GPS receivers that you take hiking or use inside vehicles. There is no direct access to GPS data and a wireless network can only give you the accurate location. Further, GPS data can be transmitted only in case of grievous emergency or something akin to the 9/11 situation. A 911 emergency call can make this happen. So in order that you can track somebody, you need particular cell phones, network and service.

You cannot get lost – People who constantly tour places can take advantage of the GPS cell phone. It helps to track their locations and movements. You can easily call for assistance if you get into trouble on the way. Help will come to you as your position can easily be tracked. Hence, this proves to be a very handy device if you suffer an accident or are lost in the woods. The tracking system can instantly bring help to you. That is why hikers find the GPS cell phone a very useful device.

How it can be tracked – There are operator towers everywhere in the vicinity and the nearest one will receive and transmit signals to the owner of a GPS cell phone. You do not have to fear losing touch with the tower even when you are in the standby mode. The GPS cell phone works along the lines of the navigation tool which is the ideal one for remote trips. Thus, cell phones which are CDMA enabled or have GSM functionality can be tracked provided they are GPS integrated.

The functioning – It is important to understand the functioning of the GPS cell phone. The service provider identifies the location of the cell phone by zeroing in on the tower closest to the signals being transmitted. The strongest of these signals is identified which leads to tracking the position of the GPS cell phone within 100 meters of its location. Besides helping out people in times of distress, this innovative device also helps to track miscreants and terrorists.
Best to track your child – Another ingenuous feature of the GPS cell phone is its ability to function as a child GPS locater device. You can easily keep tabs on your child instead of ringing him up at frequent intervals. This feature is particularly useful in crowded malls and parks where your child may give you the slip. However, this provides a genuine opportunity to locate your young kids and not a means to interfere in their privacy. This facility is useful when your kids are very small and there are great chances of them getting lost. Thus, GPS cell phone is a boon in many ways if you discount the ugly ways in which it can transgress into your personal life.

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