Putting Music on Google Phone

The G1 smartphone is the first generation of cell phones running Google’s Android operating system. In addition to being a phone and mobile internet browser, the device is also capable of storing and playing audio files such as songs and music albums. The phone uses microSD card memory to hold the files and files can be downloaded onto the phone via a computer connection.

Connect the G1’s included USB cable to the microUSB port located on the bottom of the device. Connect the other end to an available USB slot on the computer. This will allow the device to directly connect with the computer and download music files from the computer to the G1’s memory.

Press the “Menu” button on the phone. Select “Notifications” followed by “USB connected.” When the option to “mount” appears, select it. The computer will then recognize the G1 as an external storage device.

Look for a new icon to appear on your computer’s desktop screen. Since the computer recognizes the USB device as an external storage device, you may see an icon labeled drive “F:/,” or drive “G:/.” Double click on this icon to access the phone’s memory. If you do not see either of these drives, look for a drive labeled as “Mass Storage device” or “G1” and select that drive.

Click on the “Music” folder in the menu that opens on your computer screen. This is where the music files will be downloaded to.

Double click on “My Computer” on your computer desktop and locate your music files. They may be located under a folder known as “My Music” under “Users” or “Documents and Settings.”

Click on each song file or album folder that you want to place on the G1. Right click and select “Copy.” Click on the G1’s “music folder” and inside the folder right click and select “Paste.” Repeat for each song or album.

When you are done, right click on the G1’s drive icon on the desktop and click on “Unmount,” “Eject,” or “Stop.” Wait a few seconds for the drive to disconnect before removing the USB cable from the USB port.

Bring up the main menu on the G1 phone and scroll down until you see an icon labeled “Music.” Select this icon to open the G1’s built in music player. From there you can play music by album or artist. You can also scroll down within the music player and see the last song played. Click the song title or the small play button on screen to play the selected track.