How to watch movies on your phone using ITunes

After fiddling on the iPhone for a few days, you will realize how one could be so dependent on it. There is always an application available for your every need. The only problem one can have with an iPhone is the speed (you have to wait for quite some time if it is loading certain application); that aside, one may conclude that an iPhone is the best phone out there.

You can watch videos on it anywhere. The small screen is a minor factor because you can still see everything clearly. You do not have to strain your eyes to figure out what is being shown – that and the vivid picture it emits.

Putting vidoes on an iPhone is very simple. You only need a USB cord, which comes with the iPhone you bought, a PC or a laptop and the latest version of iTunes installed on the computer.

You also need to make sure that the videos you want installed is in .mp4 format. For some reason, iTunes only recognizes videos in .mp4 format. In case your videos are not in the .mp4 format, you can always have it converted. There are a lot of video conversion software available out there. Some are free, but you opt to settle for a paid software to avail of all the other options for the optimal setting on the iPhone. Total Video Converter is one of the best.

Next, after making sure that your video is in the .mp4 format, you can just click on it with your mouse and drag-and-drop it into iTunes. You can also just click File in iTunes, then click add file to library, look for the directory where your .mp4 video is located and then click open. By now, you can see your videos displayed on iTunes.

The next step is to plug your iPhone in the computer. iTunes usually detects your phone and by default, automatically backs up and sync the phone with iTunes. You have the option to automatically sync new videos to your iPhone or do it manually. In case you want to do it manually, you have to select iPhone on the left panel of iTunes to see the available tabs on your iPhone. In the iPhone window, you click movies and check the sync movies button. You are now presented with the option to sync automatically new videos. If you click on it, all new videos will be synced. If you do not, you can select only the videos you wanted sync with your iPhone.

Finally, just click sync and you will see the progress bar syncing the movies on your iPhone. You can now watch the videos on your iPhone by tapping iPod on your iPhone, go to videos and tap the movie listed on it. Enjoy!