How to use a Hairdryer to Dryout a Wet Cellphone

I thought the life of my Samsung Juke was over the minute I heard it splash in the toilet. And I know we’ve heard of many quick reactions that must be acted upon in order to save the drowning cellphone … I did all of that: I hurriedly removed the cellphone from the water, and removed the battery from the back of the cellphone. But, the Samsung Juke is not your ordinary cellphone, and I soon feared for the worst.

In order to completely dry my Samsung Juke, I had to be certain that I dried out the small crevices of the swivel, camera lens, speakers and in between the buttons andf switches. It was a job well cut-out for me, and I had no clue as how to get in the smallest of places to dry the cellphone completely.

Of course, I started tapping the cellphone to ensure that I had helped some of the major water damage be repaired; I sat the cellphone on the window sill, allowing a breeze to blow through the cellphone. The breeze may get into the smaller crevices of the cellphone. Added to the fact of others stating that allowing the cellphone to air dry, gave me time to come up with a plan to save my music player.

I called my Mother, the ‘all-knowing’ and told her of my dilemma. It was no way I’d be able to replace a $134 cellphone, and I needed her to shed some light on a solution … any possible solution. She reminded me that I could use a hair dryer to dry out the wet cellphone. It was ingenious, and I was heading to the solution.

Before I hurriedly ended our conversation, my Mother reminded me of the caution to use when drying out the cellphone:

Do not overheat the cellphone. Hairdryers can get very hot, and the hot will more than likely destroy the cellphone rather than dry it out.

Use a cooler temperature at first. Set the temperature on a cool setting to the hair dryer, allowing a cool dry breeze to go over the cellphone, and its smaller parts

Hold the hairdryer a few inches away from the cellphone. Do not apply direct heat to the cellphone, that can cause damage as well to smaller areas of the cellphone

Even after you have dried the cellphone with the hairdryer, allow it to sit without the battery for an hour or two. This gives the cellphone time to adjust from the air/heat of the hairdryer.

Now, that you have saved your cellphone, again-keep it close to you. But, not too close! Cellphones cost alot of money, that shouldn’t be thrown down the toilet.