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How to make your cell phone battery last longer

Almost everyone has experienced lack of cell-phone battery at one time or another, and in that rare instance, at the most important of times when it was needed. Like any other electronic device, cell-phones must be charged with an adequate supply of battery power in order to function. The evolution of cell-phone batteries over the years have become increasingly better, however, every cell-phone battery is equipped with a certain amount of storage capacity, which, over the years will diminish. Depending on the type of cell-phone battery you have, there is a multitude of ways in which to preserve and maintain a large proportion of your battery throughout its life-cycle. As the market continues its steady course towards Smart-phones, it is important to know what functions, when performed, will lead to a large use of battery. A cautious eye, as well as implementation of the below mentioned tips will leave you as a cell-phone user, more satisfied.

The first tip for preserving battery life is to turn off the Wi-Fi feature. Cell-phones constantly searching for WI-Fi signals will quickly drain your battery. Only turn on this feature when you want to use it. Most of the Internet tasks that your cell-phone performs can be done through its original 3G or 4G network speed. Though the task may take a few seconds more to complete, it is often worth saving the amount of battery that would have been used through the Wi-Fi feature.

The second thing to consider in maintaining your cell-phone battery is the roaming feature found within cell-phones. If your cell-phone finds itself outside of its network-covered area, the roaming feature will search for signal from any surrounding cell-phone towers. This process can be quite draining on your cell-phone, and can be avoided by simply turning off this function.  Should you find yourself in a situation similar to this and need to make a call, simply turn the roaming feature back on (Additional charges will occur).

The third tip involves adjusting the brightness feature. Brightness is a feature often overlooked by cell-phones users. If there is an adequate supply of light in the area in which you are using your cell-phone, there is no need for your cell-phone’s Brightness to be at 100 percent. Within your cell-phone settings, simply adjust your Brightness to a reasonable amount. Remember, the further it is set away from 100 percent the less draining of your battery will occur. 

The last tip to enable the most life from your battery occurs through the process of charging. Try to avoid charging your cell-phone overnight. Depending on the type of cell-phone battery you have, continual excessive charging will lead to a battery’s diminishing storage capacity. Instead, find a portion of time throughout the day or evening when you can allot one and a half to two hours for a full charge of battery. 

If you make an attempt to follow these four tips you will notice a large increase in battery life at the end of the day. It is important to note that with cell-phones abilities rapidly growing, the features and capabilities that they can perform use a large amount of battery. As the user, knowledge of these functions will make you more aware of when and how to use your cell-phone. Other strategies can be implemented on a situational basis. It is best to consult your cell-phone manual for further tips that are specific to your phone. Accessories such as car chargers and cases with a reserve battery capacity can also come in handy for heavy users who find themselves with few chances throughout the day to obtain a full battery charge. The best solution of course, is to plug in when you have a chance.