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How the Camera Phone has Changed the World

The camera phone has completely changed the world we live in. Anyone, anywhere, the world over, can have access to pictures, and streaming live video with audio, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You actually have to think of what life was like before camera phones were so accessible and prevalent in today’s society. A girlfriend waiting at a restaurant can not only text message her boyfriend asking , “Why are you so late?” But she can also send a picture of the good looking guy she just met in her boyfriend’s absence.

Making Money

Cellphone cameras have revolutionized the world of electronics. This means big business for the makers of cellphones with cameras. In other words they are making millions if not billions of dollars from millions of people all over the world purchasing cell phone with cameras. Many millions of teenagers want the latest cellphone and if it has a camera even more reason to buy one. They take pictures of themselves and send them to friends and their boy or girlfriends. Teenagers are one of the biggest markets for cellphone buyers, and cellphones with the latest technology are being geared towards today’s teens.

Citizen News

Cellphones with cameras have changed the way the news is reported. Local and national television stations are very aware that people carry their cellphones everywhere they go. We can’t function without taking them with us after all! With this knowledge, news stations ask every day, such as FOX News and CNN for regular people like you and me, to send in pictures of news in the making, or news that is happening now.

Recently, CNN was asking for people living in Houston and Galveston, Texas, to send in their cellphone pictures of the devastation caused by hurricane Ike. And send they did! When people live where the devastation occurred they can oftentimes get better pictures, and more information than the reporters can obtain. They can get pictures of people stranded in their homes faster than the reporters. And they can take pictures of themselves looking at ruined homes, thus becoming part of the news themselves.The Weather Channel asks their viewers to send in pictures of weather related news just about every day.

Becoming Famous

People can utilize their cellphones to become famous. We can take pictures of ourselves doing mundane, ordinary everyday things, but do them a little differently by dressing up or getting a picture taken with a celeb, posting them on the Internet  becoming famous. Look at all the people posting their videos on YouTube. Almost everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame and they are getting it.

Cellphone cameras act as our personal security detail. A cellphone can catch a criminal in the act. All a person has to do is hold up his phone and take the picture, or leave it on and record what is going on. This way many crimes can be solved. With millions, okay billions of people carrying cellphones, criminals can be deterred from committing a crime.

Cellphone cameras allow us to see things we would never have been able to see before; kind of like we are really there. And we can experience the world, and each other in ways never before even heard of until just a few, short years ago. We can have fun, save time, see our loved ones, and fight crime all at the same time.