Motorola Xoom tablet to hit stores February 24 and costs $800

It costs how much? The Motorola Xoom price came out over the weekend, according to tech gossip site Engadget, and it’s not nearly as pretty as the Xoom tablet. With a whopping $799 price tag at Best Buy, the highly acclaimed tablet costs about $70 more than the Apple iPad, potentially leaving Apple with a distinct advantage.

Motorola Xoom versus Apple iPad

Customers will get their money’s worth with the Xoom, however. Equipped with Android Honeycomb, a 10.1 inch touch screen with an impressive 1280 x 800 resolution, and built-in Verizon 3G. Of course, the Xoom also has an impressive dual core CPU, one gigabyte of memory, and USB; making it much better than the iPad is right now. That is, iPad version 1.

The advantages of the Motorola Xoom, however, may be mitigated by the emergence of the second generation of the Apple iPad which is expected to be priced similar to its predecessor.

Apple continues to lead the tablet market with its iPad product.

The significance of purchasing strategy

According to Engadget, Apple has a significant advantage over Motorola regarding sourcing components for its tablet. The company often makes long term deals and pre-pays for the parts it needs, locking in the lowest prices possible, giving the company a significant advantage when marketing its products.

The supply chain advantage of Apple and Motorola’s lack of a similar advantage may account for much of the price difference between the tablets offered by the two companies.

Apple, the face of the tablet

Tablet devices competing against the Apple iPad have had difficulty overcoming a single weakness that they all have in common: they are not iPads.

In fact, many people who see a tablet (as they saw the Xoom during the Superbowl), they see an iPad. Competing models may seem like cheap imitations even if they have better features and specifications, helping to explain why alternate tablets have experienced resistance in the marketplace.

Release dates available

Also from Best Buy, learned the schedule of release for a number of important products, including the Motorola Xoom which will be released on February 24.

Two other highly acclaimed products, the Samsung Presto hotspot device is expected to be in Best Buy stores for sale on February 17        and the HTC Thunder bolt will be available three days earlier on Valentine’s Day.

The year of the tablet

As one of the first well-promoted tablets to hit the market during the so-called “Year of the Tablet” all eyes will be watching to see if it can achieve sales numbers that will rival Apple’s iPad.