HTC launches a 7 Inch 15 Ghz Tablet, the HTC Flyer

HTC, flying high in the smartphone market now enters the much ballyhooed mobile tablet arena with its 1.5 GHz Flyer. The company is the latest in a string of entrants into the tablet market, all hoping to take lucrative sales away from the Apple iPad.

About the HTC Flyer

With an astounding 1.5 GHz of processor speed, the new HTC tablet promises to have the horsepower it needs to make it a tough competitor in the growing crowd of Android-powered devices. Although its CPU is impressive, tech Web side Mashable points out a potential drawback: unlike many of the latest tablets to emerge on the market, the Flyer has a single core processor.

No Honeycomb?

Flyer is said to come equipped with Gingerbread simply because developers have not had the time to complete its adaption of HTC Sense for the new OS. Many suggest that Android 3, Honeycomb, shouldn’t be run without a dual core processor anyway, so perhaps Gingerbread won’t prove to be much of a liability.

Apparently, HTC views its Sense user interface as the predominant aspect of its interface, so the underlying features of the operating system are expected to be secondary in nature.

The 7” display

Equipped with a smaller display than other tablets on the market, the Flyer may have a tough time competing, although some consumers may view its smaller size as being more conducive to portability. With 1024 x 600 resolution, the display is capable of displaying movies and games in an easily viewable format.

Other specs

With 1 GB of system memory and a large, 32 GB flash storage capacity, the Flyer seems poised to appeal to a broad cross section of mobile users.

The camera is a five megapixel unit.

HTC equipped the Flyer with a microSD slot for additional storage.

Cloud-based OnLive, a gaming service for mobile devices comes installed on Flyer, an indication that HTC hopes the device will take off in popularity within the gamer community.


As with many HTC devices, the rugged construction of Flyer is palpable, primarily because of its additional weight. It is said to be heavier than many other tablets on the market, even ones that have larger displays.


HTC has announced that its Flyer tablet will become available in the second quarter of this year. At the moment no details concerning pricing or potential wireless connectivity are known, so those who are interested in the product should keep an eye out for any news about it that will surely come out in the next few weeks and months.