How to Delete an Album in Iphoto but not in Facebook

The following are steps to delete a synced iPhoto/Facebook album – but keeping the Facebook album intact. This is a viable workaround to a problem many iPhoto/Facebook users are encountering. Users have posted their grief and frustration, and after scouring the web, a viable solution has not been found. Until Apple fixes this issue, and it is an issue, the following workaround is a simple process that works extremely well and is meant to keep iPhoto/Facebook users happy as Apple provides their own solution.

The problem: Every time you update the iPhoto album (which is synced with Facebook), the Facebook album will also update. If you delete your iPhoto pictures due to space or backup issues, this will also delete the pictures on Facebook.

The purpose of this article is to provide steps to delete pictures from iPhoto without changing the synced album in Facebook.

1. Exit iPhoto and login to Facebook

2. Change your Facebook password

Click on Settings – Password: Type a new Facebook password and click “Change Password” – make note of the changed password to avoid banging your head on the table later!

3. Open iPhoto

4. Click on a synced iPhoto/Facebook album

The following message window will appear:
“An error occurred with the publication of album “(NAME OF SYNCED ALBUM.”
“Authentication with server failed. Please check your login and password information.”

5. Delete the album on iPhoto.

Delete the album, or albums of choice in iPhoto! Since iPhoto cannot sync to Facebook, your Facebook album will stay intact.

6. Change your Password on Facebook

Either change password back to your previous one or keep the new password. This is up to you.

7. Re-sync iPhoto with Facebook

iPhoto will not re-sync even if you change your Facebook password back to the previous password. You will need to re-sync.

The fastest way is to do this is to select one picture from your iPhoto library and click the Facebook icon like you would do to add photos to Facebook.

Choose whom you want the photos viewable by then click on the “Change Accounts” button.

Fill out the appropriate fields with your user email, your current Facebook password, and that picture will now sync with Facebook as a new album. Do whatever you want with this album in iPhoto (delete or keep).

All your current iPhoto albums are now re-synced with Facebook! The deleted album is gone and will not sync which keeps the Facebook album completely intact!

This is one workaround – there might be others. Again, until Apple solves this issue, this workaround works quite easily despite the tedious steps.