How to add slideshows to the Windows 7 and Vista desktops

You can add photo slideshows to both the Windows 7 and Vista desktops. Although their options for photo slideshows are not entirely the same, you can set up some great desktop slideshows with both of the Window packages. Transform your desktop with a compilation of photos.

To begin you’ll need to set up a photo slideshow folder. To set up a new folder right-click Windows Explorer, select new and then folder. Then add all the photos that are to be included in the slideshow to that folder. They don’t necessarily have to be your own photos and can instead include a selection of desktop wallpaper.

Windows 7 includes an option which will shuffle through desktop wallpaper in much the same way as a slideshow. Right-click the desktop and select personalize and then open the desktop background window. From there you should open your photo slideshow folder.

The images included within the slideshow will be displayed at thumbnail photos. To add these photos to the desktop as a slideshow select the shuffle option. Note that next to each thumbnail there is a check box. Select the image check boxes to add them to the slideshow. Then you should save changes to add the slideshow to desktop.

However, Windows Vista does not include this desktop shuffle option. But there are still software packages that provide desktop slideshow options. Among them is the desktop slideshow package with which you can add a compilation of photos to the desktop as a slideshow. If you add this to your Window Vista software library you can set up a photo desktop slideshow for its desktop. Check out this site for further details.

Both Windows 7 and Windows Vista include gadgets. Gadgets are the small applications that are added to the Window’s desktop. Windows Vista has a sidebar for gadgets and whilst this had been removed in Windows 7 they can still be included on the desktop. Among the range of gadgets there is a small photo slideshow that can be added to the Window’s desktop.

To add one of the slideshow gadgets to the desktop select accessories. There you can open the gadget window, or Window sidebar. From there select the photo slideshow. This will be added either to the Vista gadget sidebar, or Win 7 desktop. If you right-click the gadget and select detach from sidebar it can then be moved beyond the sidebar.

The photo slideshow gadget is a smaller slideshow which can be customized. If you select the gadget options you should be able to add a new photo folder. Select the browse folder option which is to the right of the folder selection box. Then open your slideshow folder. With the Vista photo slideshow you can also add alternative transitions to the slideshow such as barn, fade, slide and dissolve.

With the Windows 7 shuffle option, desktop photo slideshow software and gadgets you can set up some great desktop photo slideshows. With them you can showcase your own photography, or alternatively add a variety of desktop wallpaper. Check out the Window site for further Vista and Window 7 desktop customization details.