The pros and cons of having groceries delivered from the web

Technology has brought about a lot of exciting changes in the way people live their lives. It has improved communication, made it possible to be in a business meeting while riding in a taxi, made shopping as easy as a few clicks and even changed the way people buy groceries. Don’t laugh too hard, it is actually possible to shop for groceries online from certain stores and have the items delivered right to your door! 

Some online grocery stores even allow you to set up a specific delivery time. This is a blessing for people that cannot get around very well, do not have a vehicle or have extremely busy schedules. Before you start your online grocery shopping experience, you may want to consider the pros and cons of it first.


Convenience is a major benefit of shopping for groceries online. You can shop any time day or night and do not have to get dressed to do it. You do not have to worry about getting the kids ready or getting a pet sitter and you do not have to drive to the store in bad weather. You also do not have to worry about crazy traffic or having to drive from one store to the next searching for good deals. 

Less hassle is what you get when shopping online. You do not have to worry about pushing and shoving from other shoppers or standing in a long line to check out. The simple fact is some people get a little cranky when they have to go grocery shopping. The nicest people can end up squabbling over tomatoes or who gets the last can of creamed corn. 

You do not have to walk through the entire store just to find the items on your shopping list. One of the marketing ploys brick and mortar stores have is to put items in strategic places to make customers have to walk past the item in the hope that the customer will make an impulse buy. Besides, walking through the grocery store can be rather tiring, especially if the store is large.  


One huge downside to online shopping is not being able to look at the items and select the ones that look the best to you. This is especially important to some shoppers for things like vegetables, fruits and meats. When you order online, the picture of the item may not actually be what you receive in your package. 

Another downside is having to wait for the groceries to be delivered. Even if the grocery store is having an employee deliver them to your home, you still have to wait until he/she gets the chance to do so. When you shop at a physical store, you can benefit from your purchase right away. 

There could be shipping or delivery fees associated with grocery shopping online. Any money that you save by shopping online (fuel costs, taxes, etc) could be gobbled up by these fees. This is one of those times where it is true that you have to pay extra for convenience. 

The ability to shop for groceries online really is a novel idea and very handy for some shoppers. It really is not much different than the old days when a person could call up the local grocery store with a list of items they needed and the store would bring the items over. Some towns and cities still offer this type of service, although it is not as common as it once was. 

As with most things there are good points and bad points to shopping for groceries online. You get the convenience of shopping from home, but cannot pick out the fruits and veggies that look good to you. It is a simple case of give and take; you give up certain things to benefit from the convenience.