Learn Guitar Online

ABC Learn Guitar provides free guitar instruction online for the users of its website. The lessons are designed for beginners with blues, rock, and classical lessons offered from the site.

As you are learning to play the guitar it can be quite overwhelming with all the different guitar lesson sites on the Internet. ABC Learn Guitar makes learning easier with some free guitar lessons. There are not many lessons on this site which is the downside of the website in general. This site also has many links to other sites for pay lessons and really doesn’t give you many free lessons at all. I clicked on the video lessons and all I got was a link to some site on the Internet that makes you pay for video lessons. If your going to put links like this on your website at least provide one or two free guitar lessons videos for your users.

The site also has links to guitar tablature but no actual free tablature except for a few songs that are linked from another site. As I continued to read the pages of this website the more annoyed I got with the lack of content for people to actually use.

The site does feature a guitar blog and at least this section of the site finally does provide some useful information for guitarists but the rest of this website is not very impressive. As a fellow guitar teacher I find the lack of free information on this website to be troublesome. All the website designer is doing is sending people away to links in which they are going to have to pay for information. I have no problem with trying to get affiliate money from your website I have done this myself; but you have got to give away more for free on your site or people will look elsewhere and never visit your website again.

This website needs to focus more on actual content and not advertising because there is plenty of that already on the site. As a guitarist myself I really don’t see any useful content on the site except for a few free lessons. These lessons could be expanded upon to a great degree especially if you are a guitar teacher. I really like the idea of this website and with some work it could become a very good site but it needs to tone down on the advertising and focus on what people are visiting the site for in the first place and that is to learn guitar.