Advantages and disadvantages of buying your groceries on the Internet

Among the many things that you can buy on the web and have delivered to your house, groceries are no exception. You can visit a website and purchase your foodstuff and other household goods, without physically visiting a grocery store. However, online grocery retailing is a concept that is still in its developmental stage, with the online retail giants such as Amazon planning expansion processes for its grocery retail businesses. As such, it provides benefits and drawbacks at the same time.

The most obvious advantage enjoyed by people who buy their groceries online is convenience or ease. In our busy lives, there sometimes come times where we don’t find the time to visit a grocery store to buy supplies. Considering many factors, such as the distance you would have to travel or maybe the hurdles you encounter while doing the actual shopping (dealing with crowds or walking from isle to isle in search of a certain product), you might find it easier and less stressful to just buy your groceries on the Internet and have them delivered right at your doorstep. The prospect of shopping while enjoying breakfast in bed or watching a movie in your lounge is an appealing one.

You can also save quite a significant amount of time shopping online, compared to shopping in a grocery store. It eliminates the time used up during the drive, manoeuvring through aisles, waiting in line to pay for the groceries and then loading them up in your car before driving home.

One interesting thing to note is that impulsive buying is more possible when you are walking around in a grocery store than when selecting products on your computer. Many would agree that they often find themselves putting a thing or two (or three!) into their shopping cart that were not part of their original shopping list, just because they saw them and thought they would be nice to buy. For those seeking to strictly stick to their budgets, online grocery shopping is a good way to avoid impulsive buying.

Now for the drawbacks. An unavoidable aspect of online purchases is having to wait for the delivery truck to come at the agreed upon time. This forces you to be present at the house during the specified time to receive your order, and if the company experiences difficulties in maintaining its delivery schedule, the experience will only get worse.

When you buy foodstuff via the Internet, you give up control of what you buy; in the sense that you will not be able to choose particularly items for yourself, or inspect their quality for that matter.

Taking from one of the advantages stated above, avoiding impulsive buying might not be advantageous to everyone. In many cases, people forget to put something on their shopping lists and only remember it upon seeing it in a store. Online shopping robs you of that second chance.

Not all cases of online grocery shopping results in cheaper purchases. Delivery charges still apply, but it will be more of a trade-off between saving time and avoiding the hustles of traditional shopping on one hand, and giving up some control of what you buy and maybe paying more for it on the other.

In conclusion, buying your groceries online is a method worth using, if it is more beneficial to you, according to what you like and dislike. However, online retailers also need to ensure that their systems are efficient and reliable enough to provide a satisfactory service now and in the future.