Above Top Secret or Conspiracy Website or Ats or Abovetopsecret or Ultramediacorp

ATS (abovetopsecret.com) “Deny Ignorance” , Bill Irvine’s (or skeptic overlord) clever created slogan, sung by ATS debunkers, truthers, atheist’s, Christians, Darwinist’s, creationist’s, democrats and republicans, etc, etcetera, et-tedious, cetera.

The problem however, comes when you discover what an oxymoron true meaning of the slogan, invariably becomes as you spend countless hours fine tuning your debate feeding your real addiction which is the addiction to argue with other terminally self righteous zealots of knowitallism’s dogmatic religion.

Make no mistake, ATS members are all activists or on their way to becoming an activist and the ignorance they ALL deny, is the “opposing views” they have with their interlocutors.

The years I had spent there would have been better spent driving a wood planer down my shin bone, taking a spam key to the curled sliver of flesh and bone protruding below my knee and rolling all the way down till I could zing my big toe nail off.

It is always the other driver who was at fault and it is always the other poster’s ignorance everyone asserts they have denied but rarely will you see anyone of those labels given in the opening of this review, a measure of respect from their respective opposing arguments. This site doesn’t deny ignorance, it encourages it while the moderators are busily “guiding” and “shaping” the debates in progress using venomous vitriolic reprisals in the background via private “u2u” messages, to those who have done nothing worse then their opponents but just happen to be damn good at composing a compelling argument but not the one ATS owners want winning or offering logical reasons lurkers might consider, is enough data to justify a general shift in public opinion, including those posts that Google offers up on a search query.

A Carefully selected moderating team to assuage any claim’s ATS owners are anything less than fair and impartial is also kept very confined to the three amigos that own it using the “need to know” basis so often used in the military to keep what goes on secure among the trusted three stooges and their liberal agenda while conservatives moderators are selected for their passive stance. If they are Christian moderators, you can bet they are either evolution theist’s with very liberal ideas concerning gays, same sex marriage etc, or are simply those with a self esteem one molecule away from being an eggshell, they wouldn’t dare compromise their need to seek the approval of the owners that have given them a purpose in life the spiritually spineless existance of a Christian no longer used for the will of God but used by the three amigos indirectly serving the very enemy that is ATS or “Atheist’s Talking Smack”.

Christians are called “fundies, truthers are “twoofers” and creationist’s as moderators, FredT and Maria_Stardust have dubbed them “Knuckle Draggers” the double standards for what they say and what they do can best be illustrated in one of the many messages sent to me in an attempt to get me to forfeit a debate or water it down so sugary sweet and politically correct, you’d get sugar diabetes just reading it.

Subject: Eggshells in CiR




230-3-2008 at 15:03

Con, just between you and me, you can walk any way you want. But on the board, you and everyone else in CiR will toe the line, GOT IT!

Now veiled hints that “poor little you” has to be so careful because the mods pick on you when you respond to “insults” is all crap. I’ve cut slack for Whammy and you and Ashley and a few others. And I resent the implied insult that I lack impartiality.

The fact is you’re nothing but a loudmouth punk that has zero tolerance for anyone that disagrees with you. You shout down other posters, you belittle the opposition on a regular basis, and you want undue recognition for your mediocre intellect.

Yes, in personal correspondence I can be just as blunt as you are.

Now you may be perceptually incapable of understanding how anyone other than those that subscribe to your own narrow brand of religion can be right about anything, and personally I couldn’t care less what goes on in your little mind. But on the board you will behave as any other member, or bear the harsh consequences.


Now before you get wound too tight and start calling me an atheist, let me assure you that I am not. Nor am I Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, Wiccan, or any of the other major religions. I am a Native American practicing a way that I would never seek a convert for, nor even share; a personal belief system between myself and my Creator that needs no validation or defense. Therefore I have no need or desire to take sides in the petty bickering these boards display. But let me assure you that YOU, are treading on thin ice!

No, actually, you’re stomping on thin ice!

Now I understand your frustration at feeling the need to defend a way of life; trust me when I tell you that we Indians have known these feelings for years. But you will not play your little head games with me. I trust that this will somehow get through that thick skull of yours.

Now, I would suggest you take some moments to reflect on what I’ve said if I were you.

Thank GOD, I’m NOT!


That was for merely calling someone “ignorant” who claimed homosexuality is not a sin and my suggesting the Bible verses he may referance, was met with many gays alerting moderators like tattle tales I was accused of my bigotry and hatred of gays

NGC2736, whose self importance came from those he could demonstrate his “superiority” where the value I placed on my membership was often leveraged using emotional extortion when in retrospect, I should have told him to either BAN ME or QUIT threatening me! If he can’t moderate leading by example, he can EXPECT the dis-respect, he claims I displayed to him yet not once had I ever said a terse word to that man.

The superiority by Mod authority is the dark family secret among the members of above top secret. That if you are Religious, Republican, or

have questions about 911 that you would like answered more logically than the “official alibi”, then ATS is not for you. If it bothers you that an entire 75 pages of a thread, bashing America and Americans by moderators as members on a proxy in some anti American feeding frenzy where you are called flat earther, a backward hillbilly named inbred Jed, and the moment, you recognize the ignorance you are supposed to deny them, is the moment they have the alleged ad-hominem violation used to post ban you. I don’t think I have ever known a more egotistically sorry and pathetically piss poor example of what ATS claimed was exemplary professionalism among their Moderators.

To nutshell my review of ATS, I’d say it best lives up to the three letter acronym , AVOID THIS SITE .

It might be the biggest, but it is far far from being the best site of its kind if you are looking for honest objective debate without the liberal bias in moderators on a mission to eliminate conservative members.

Or those that weed out members that make the left earn their stars, post banning them for such egregious violations of the terms and conditions using the expletive word ignorant to describe members that in fact are.

Something ATS owners vehemently deny, is the very ignorance

They don’t deny.