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Everything you need to know about Thunderbolt

Apple has reinvented the way that we use file sharing. Apple’s new Thunderbolt has made it possible to share very large amounts of information as well as sharing large files very quickly with their new type of sharing system.

Debuting on Apple’s newest MacBook Pro models, the Thunderbolt allows users to support and transfer high-performance data devices through a single port. This new type of transferring allows for better quality transfers as well as providing greater speed, flexibility and simplicity.

Thunderbolt port

The thunderbolt port is designed on the basis of two different types of technology in order to provide the best possible displays and peripherals within one convenient port.

• PCI Express: The PCI Express is a type of technology that links high-performance componets within your Mac. This means that you can connect to different external devices such as RAID arrays of video capture solutions right to your MacBook Pro and get the same PCI Express performance. Also, this thunderbolt port allows for 10 watts of power to peripherals so you can take on workstation-class projects where ever you go with you notebook. You can also use any existing USB or Firewire peripherals by simply using one of Apples adapters

• DisplayPort Technology: The new Thunderbolt is based on the same type of technology as the DisplayPort which allows for very high-resolution displays. This means that any Mini DisplayPort display can plug right into the Thunderbolt port. This will allow to connect a DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, or VGA display just by using one of Apple’s adapters.

Performance and expansion

The Thunderbolt’s performance is where this product really shines. Allowing up to 10 Gbps, the thunderbolt is the fastest file transferring port on the market. This technology gives you two different channels on the same connector to give you this 10 Gbps of power. You can also move data at a speed up to 20 times faster than a regular USB 2.0 port and more than 12 times faster than FireWire 800. Another great feature is that there is more than enough bandwidth to daisy-chain multiple high-speed devices without using a hub.

Thunderbolt technology is going to bring the flexibility of personal notebooks to a whole new level by providing the power of a powerful desktop to a more convenient pallet. For more information on the Thunderbolt technology visit Intel’s website, and to find out how you can upgrade to this technology, visit the Apple store and their new line of MacBook Pros.