Acer Aspire one 532

Acer is known to manufacture cheap but quality netbooks catering to the budget market segment.  This netbook is an upgrade to the popular Aspire One 250D netbook. Acer aspire one 532h is one of the latest netbook computers that comes with the Intel Atom N450 microprocessor.


Aspire One 532h contain the latest Intel N450 Atom processor. It has 20% less power consumption than the previous version (N280). According to several benchmarking sites, it is slightly speedier than the N280. Graphics core is embedded into the processor die. Graphics performance is slightly higher than the previous version as well.

Aspire One 532h has 1 GB DDR2 667 MHz memory. It can be upgraded to 2GB.  It comes usually with a 6 cell Li ion battery. It is enough for average use around seven hours.

Screen is a LED backlit 10.1‘’LCD display. It has WIFI, but no Bluetooth.  It comes with three USB 2.0 ports, network port and a VGA port. One multi card reader is also included.  It has a Multi touch compatible touchpad. This netbook is usually preloaded with Windows 7 Standard edition.

Real world performance

I bought this netbook primarily to work with office files, browse internet, and watch movies and to read eBooks.

Working with Microsoft Office®

Performance is usually enough for basic office editing tasks. But there is a slight lag, when the office proof reads something. It also takes comparatively long time to save documents, especially PowerPoint documents. But performance can be improved by using windows ready boost feature (Windows 7 Home basic or higher needed).  

Browsing the Internet

Browsing the internet is fairly snappy provided that you do not open too much browser windows. But smaller screen size can be sometimes frustrating.

Watching movies

Since this device does not have an optical drive, you can only watch downloaded or copied movies. But movie performance is surprisingly good. It can even play the High definition wildlife sample video without a significant frame drop.

Reading eBooks

This device is ideal for reading eBooks. It has long battery life, and it is snappy in decoding and displaying PDF and other eBooks. You can even lie on the bed and read books (due to less weight).

Design and ergonomics

This netbook has a glossy finish, and it is a fingerprint magnet. It has a long mouse key below the touchpad. It is fairly stiff and very difficult to press. Its three USB ports are pretty stiff as well. It is quite difficult to insert or remove a device from the USB ports.

How to upgrade?

This netbook has a built in 1GB of RAM. But it can easily be upgraded to 2GB. In addition you can insert MINI PCIe SSD drive and install primary operating system into the SSD for further performance. All these things can be done without voiding the warranty (there are several you tube videos explaining how to do it).


Eventhough some people have overclocked the older N280 and associated intel graphics processor, currently there are no overclocking options for acer aspire one 532hs processor (N450 and X3100 graphics core).


Acer Aspire one 532h is a fairly good netbook for its price with easy upgradability, but with some design flaws.