Guy Gets Girl – Dating Secrets Revealed

Feeling sexually appealing is one of the most instinctive emotions a man could ever face. The need to have a magnetic personality is a prime concern of anybody looking for companionship in life, man or woman. That said, it is true that there are many men who cannot, even if their life depends on it, gather enough courage to approach an attractive woman. If only you were on the other side of the dating game, the side that is allowed to pick and choose offers. It can indeed be very frustrating for a man who is always expected to make a move; rather unfair that all the risks lay with you isn’t it. Now if only society would demolish stereotypes, but that’s not likely any time soon.

But there presents a solution in the form of this ‘too good to miss’ book – Guy Gets Girl –that takes you step by step on how to approach women and win the best looking ones! Granted, there are several other such self-help books out there that purport to reveal everything you ever needed to know about dating and picking up your dream girl. But you know just as well as I do that these are one of those ‘me too’ books going around that enlighten you no more than you already know. So how do you know Guy Gets Girl is going to be any different?

I will tell you why. For starters, Guy Gets Girl is one of a kind because it comes from the horse’s mouth – it’s written by a woman no less! Tiffany Taylor, author of Guy Gets Girl, tells you why some men flounder, while others seem to keep the best women for themselves and are successful over and over again. Turns out the key to the problem is not in the man itself. Rather, it lies in comprehending your love interest’s needs and emotional state before making a move. Let’s face it. Most of us men are hard pressed to figure out what it is that goes on in a woman’s mind. Wouldn’t it be a godsend if we could deduce what your lady was thinking? This double guessing can indeed be very exasperating; this is where Tiffany Taylor helps you. And the techniques explained would work irrespective of whether you wish to pick up a cheerful coed or the proper single woman.

Guy Gets Girl exposes some of the best ways to asking for a date, no matter how hot the lady, and it gives you the extra edge to pick and choose your woman. And it truly shatters some of the myths. Guy Gets Girl is a true walk through of simple yet proven strategies that any man could do with. The guide presents insightful tips on the how to strike up an interesting conversation even with a total stranger. Guy Gets Girl teaches you to read and be aware of a woman’s body language, which can play a significant role in your move being rejected.

Tiffany also goes to the extent of providing specific places to head out to on a date that will guarantee future dates, as also information on the best places to find interesting women. Guy Gets Girl also includes tips on how to emerge out of your shyness and make an advance with poise. Best of all Tiffany does not talk down to the ‘unattractive’ men; instead she provides constructive tips and tricks to get better looking girls for even the ‘ordinary guy next-door’ types.

Purchasing Guy Gets Girl is a real simple download process, so you could be reading everything you ever wanted to know about dating in just minutes from now. And as if this were not enough, the guide comes with a complete money back guarantee, so you can always ask for a reimbursement if it fails to meet expectations. So you have nothing to lose but everything to gain with Guy Gets Girl – a must buy for every ardent dater!