Organic Beauty Iphone App Review

Organic Beauty is a free iPhone app that I thought would give me some new ideas for skin cleaning routines. However, all I got was an app that was riddled with obvious grammar problems and simple ideas about which I already knew. In short, I do not have any regrets downloading the app because it was free, but I probably would not want to download it again if I had the choice.

Supposedly, Organic Beauty teaches its users how to take care of their skin and become “naturally’ beautiful. I would give the developer and the app an “A” for effort, but the execution of the app just does not cut it. First of all, the grammar needs some serious work. I know that the developer probably does not use English as the native language, but it would have been a good and helpful idea for the developer to use a professional translator or editor who could help clarify some of the language and instructions. The developer should not have submitted the app without this important step, especially for developers who do not use English as their native language.

The interface, however, deserves some commendation. After all, the information seems to be categorized and organized neatly, so I would definitely give the developer a good score for that. The interface is very user-friendly. I know exactly what to tap on in order to view the type of information that I want to see. The colors are also soothing to the eyes. They remind me of looking at lotion bottles and being at a Whole Foods store. That may sound strange, but this is supposed to be an “organic” type of app that upholds the natural beauty value. 

The content of Organic Beauty is mediocre at best, considering the type of information that I was expecting. I know that I should use brown sugar as an exfoliant now and then. But, I want to know some other ways of using brown sugar. And, why is brown sugar better than white when it comes to exfoliation? It would be nice if the app actually answered some of these questions.

Overall, I would not recommend Organic Beauty. The app has too many glaring grammatical problems for people to enjoy reading the app, and I certainly would not know what to do if I were reading instructions that I could barely understand. The problematic grammar is too distracting for me to enjoy the app.