Love my Gps

I love Brunhilda! When I was in college back in the dark ages, my German professor used to urge all his female students to name their future daughters with good strong names. None of us did. However, when I recently bought my first GPS system, a good strong name seemed to be in order! I love Brunhilda, my GPS!

For decades now, AAA was my first stop when planning a long trip. Tour books, Triptiks, and maps were necessities long before suitcases were packed. Then via the Internet, I discovered how useful mapquest and google were for planning trips. A folder stuffed with Internet finds and AAA maps made long trips a breeze. Well, it would have been easy except for the wrong turns, confusing interstate mazes, orange construction cones, and a screaming husband!

Recently, when I was heading to Rhode Island from Indiana, a friend suggested that I needed a GPS system to add to my personal arsenal of traveling aides. I hesitated at first because I loved the challenge of the maps and seeing new sites when wandering around hopelessly lost. However, fate seemed to intervene when I spied a GPS system on sale. When I opened the box and saw how easy it was to program the GPS, my love affair with Brunhilda started!

The hardest part to learn about Brunhilda, the GPS, was to trust her! Her non-threatening voice and calm manner belied the fact that she was always right! Unlike a husband, she never shouted, “You missed your turn! Where are you going?” Brunhilda simply said, “recalculating, recalculating,” and calmly redirected me to the correct road. It was quite comforting to have her in the car!

Not only did Brunhilda make it impossible to miss my destination, she also helped me to find restaurants and shopping malls once there. Brunhilda could direct me to a nice Italian restaurant or the fast food restaurant with the golden arches. Brunhilda, it seemed, knew everything, and she loved to share her information with me in such a pleasant manner.

On my recent trip to the east coast, I made the mistake of asking a local resident for directions to a well-known restaurant. After attempting to follow his directions and becoming hopelessly lost, I typed in the restaurant’s street address for Brunhilda. In seconds I was following her calm directions to a lovely nearby dining spot.

The more I got to know Brunhilda and all her amazing features, the less important the paper maps became. Brunhilda, with her calm manner and endless knowledge, is not just a GPS system, but she has changed my life by being my new, very best friend!