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Losing Weight Apps for Iphone and Ipad

Do you want to lose some weight? There are a lot of people trying to lose some weight. They go to gym, they run on treadmill, or go on special diet. Those things are not so fun and yet they still do it. But, you don’t have to worry now. Thanks to iPhone and iPad as they provide you many application to help you lose some weight. Let’s take a look at the best iPhone and iPad apps for losing weight.


This is a paid application available for iPhone only. With only $0.99, you can know your Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat percentage. With this app, you will know your present body condition, thus it helps you to follow your progress reaching desired target.

Lose it

Planning diet and exercise routine can be a troublesome work. However, this application will help you to plan your diet and exercise routine in a very detail way. As one of the most popular application available in the market, this application can work on offline and online mode. You can also export your data to Twitter and Facebook. This application is free of charge.

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Everyone knows that eating fast food is not healthy due to its calorie. But, have you ever wonder how much calorie is contained in a fast food meal? This app will help you examine the nutrition of every fast food meal sold in 73 different chain restaurants. The best thing about this app is you can still inspect the nutrition for customized item. For example, the app will give you different result for burger with mayonnaise and burger without mayonnaise.

Tap & Track Calorie, Weight & Exercise Tracker

Four dollars ($3.99, to be exact) might be too expensive for an iPhone application. However, this is the most comprehensive application for counting calorie. Provided with excellent presentation, it has more than 250,000 different meals that can be exported as CSV to be examined later on PC. This application doesn’t require data connection, as it can be used offline.

Diet Cake

Do you want to eat cakes but you are afraid of getting fat? Then this application will help you to satisfy your desire. You can (virtually) eat cakes and doughnut as many as you want without being worried gaining some weight. It will reveal motivational message after you finished eating cakes to help you focus on losing weight. This application costs you $4.99 and available for both iPhone and iPad.

Weight Watcher Mobile

Do you know weight watcher? It’s one of the best diets in the world (even though they claim not to be a diet but a healthy way to live). This application helps you to lose weight by providing recipes, tips for eating healthily, and shopping list to help all dieters who subscribe to Weight Watcher. To use this application, you have to be connected online. It’s free of charge and for iPhone only.

Good Food Healthy Recipes

As its name, this application presents you healthy recipes. Those recipes are simple but effective in helping you to lose weight. Each recipe is provided with colorful picture and nutritional information. The instructions are easy to follow which makes cooking more fun to do. The price is $2.99 for iPad and $3.99 for iPhone.

Workout of the Day by i365

Are you running out of idea of exercise movement? If so, just download hundreds of workout movement via this application. The exercises can be done in 10 minutes without any equipment. Each exercise can help you shape different parts of your body and thus help you not only to lose weight but also to gain more strength. This application is suitable for beginners and experts.


Almost the same with previous application, this app provide extensive database of personal exercises. The exercises are completed with image and demonstrating video. The exercises can be sorted based on difficulties or muscle group.

Massage Me

Last but not least, a massage would be really nice after exercising. This application uses iPhone vibrator. The pattern and intensity can be customized as needed.