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Iphone App Reviews Prohibition 3 Candy Wars

The idea of a stock trading game may appeal to a few people but those people are already in collage getting their business degree and so don’t need to be playing games, but the truth is that it is a game and by adjusting the setting to one that feels a bit more dangerous the people at Catamount software have made a very addicting game. And the theme of the game is addition as you illegally sell candy on the streets of New York in an attempt to get rich.

The game is actually quite simple, there are a handful of locations like Central Park, the Ghetto, and Manhattan. Each of these has different prices on the candy. So the goal is to sell the candy you have at the best possible price and then buy another type at a lower cost.

What makes this more than simple random chance is that places generally have higher or lower prices on specific things and as you play you will discover the best prices for things. In addition there is a ticker along the bottom that gives you news on major price changes as people flood the market with cheap home made rock candy or the price of sugar skyrockets after an illegal shipment is intercepted.

All of this takes place on a few counters. The main one is the number of days you have. Each time you travel from one part of town to another it takes a day so this can become important very quickly. The other counter is that you begin the game owning 5500 dollars to a loan shark. This will continue to go up as long as you have not payed it and once you reach a high enough amount the loan shark will begin to send visitors. This mean that you have to try to earn quickly so that you can repay him.

You begin in general by selling the light stuff, chocolate and plain sugar. These cost the least but also make you the least money, you can then work up to the mid level candy of brownies and rock candy and eventually you can get into the hard stuff, lollypops and sugar sticks.

This is a very simple game but one that has enough variety added in to make it entertaining for a good many hours and the ability to compete for total worth against other players adds even more to that.