Iphone App Review Goby

Goby is the iphone, ipod touch and ipad app for the website goby.com and the truth is that this works better as an app for a 3g device than it does as a website because it is all about finding new and interesting places to visit and that works best if you can find them when you are out and about.

There are a number of ways to find local businesses on your iphone or ipod touch and most of them work in generally the same way using the same database of information which is fine but it makes choosing the best of the bunch quite a lot harder since in general you are not getting all that much difference, but Goby is the first one that caught my attention mostly because it emphasized the fun of the idea rather than the utility of it.

When you start the program you are taken to a menu of three choices, find places nearby that are interesting, find something to do this weekend or explore a new location, as well as an option for an advanced search.

If you got to the find things to do locally you are sent to the categories section, which is separated into things to do, food and drink, events and places to stay. Each of these naturally has subcategories. So far the weekends button is the same except that it defaults to the weekend in your area which is useful for the events especially. And the new location lets you set where you want to go, which is nice for searching for a vacation. 

The weakness of this program is one that you can’t really do a lot about which is that if what you are looking for doesn’t exist, or isn’t written about on the web there simply will not be any information about it.  Also most of this seems to come from Yahoo’s local site so it might be easier to just go directly there rather than use this.

While this is a fun interface and I hope someday to live in a world, or at least an area that has enough reviews and places of interest to make this worthwhile as it is mostly just telling me about things and places that I already know and not in a way that is all that quick or interesting, but it is still at least as good as any of the others and if people will add more reviews it will get better.