How to Edit a Video Clip in Iphone 4 using Imovie

The iPhone 4 has been quite a talk of the town these days. Apple has revolutionized the touch screen cell phone industry and taken it by the storm. Thousands of iPhone 4 apps (applications) have been released till date and all three – Apple, the app developers and the app users are extremely happy with the response to the Apple iPhone 4.

With better features and to specially mention Apple’s iPhone 4 provides a feature of 720p HD video recording capability that is capable of capturing video at 30 frames per second! The iMovie for iPhone 4 is the official Apple iPhone application which lets the users edit the video captured and upload it directly to various video sharing websites like YouTube and other social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. The application can be bought directly from iTunes for 4.99$. Now I’ll teach you the basics of using iMovie in 4 easy steps.

1. Getting Started with iMovie

– Open the iMovie application and select the video you want to edit or you can just record a new video and then edit it. After the video has been imported into the iMovie project panel, check out the bottom of the screen where you will see the clips in landscape and portrait mode.

– If you want to cut the clips all you have to do is just drag the left pin of the video clip to where you want the video to start from and the right pin to where you want the video to end.

· If you want to zoom into the video timeline then pinch your fingers together and to zoom out just do a reverse pinch.

· To scroll through the videos just slide fast along the timeline of the video clip.

· If you fancy applying themes then go to the ‘Themes’ sub menu and from there you can choose a theme by tapping it to give your movie a theme.

2. Adding transitions to an iPhone 4 video using iMovie

– Through the Transition sub menu, you can give transitions to the iPhone 4 video clips. Select the desired transition from the Transition sub menu.

· Once you have selected the transition you can now change the duration of the transition by selecting the duration.

3. Adding photos and music to an iPhone 4 video using iMovie

– You can also add photos and music to the iPhone 4 video clip using the iMovie app. Access the iMovie library and select the picture or audio file you want to add and tap on the picture tab.

– Now drag the picture or audio file onto the timeline area. Once in the timeline area, you can drag and position the picture accordingly where you want it to appear. Also you can clip the audio file as per the need of

4. Adding a tittle to the iPhone 4 video clip using iMovie

– To give the video clip a title just double tap on the video clip and select Title Style. Now select which title would you like to apply.

– Now type in the title using the touch keyboard of iPhone 4

– Another cool feature is that the Geo-location will also be inserted which takes the information about the location where the video was recorded.

That sums up the new super cool feature of video editing using iMovie app for Apple iPhone 4. Enjoy your iPhone 4.