Crazy Gadgets for Cats and Dogs

The world is filled with gadgets that people don’t need, but just have to own. Now, you can purchase crazy gadgets for cats and dogs. Some of the gadgets available are actually pretty ingenious and helpful to pet owners. Others are just over-the-top. Some are completely useless, yet we know they get bought anyway.

Puppy Tweets: $29.99 at

Puppy Tweets does exactly what you’re thinking. Attach the small computer to your dog’s collar and it will send tweets to his Twitter account. It uses a WiFi signal to your computer and automatically posts tweets about what the dog is doing at that time. Puppy Tweets has over 500 phrases that are randomly posted to the Twitter account whenever you dog barks, snores, moves or just sleeps. Of course, you will have to create the Twitter account for you furry friend because he doesn’t have thumbs.

Bowlingual Dog Voice Translator: $87 at Japan Trend Shop

What’s a crazier gadget for cats and dogs than a Twitter account? How about the ability to hear a “translation” of everything your dog is saying to you? Attach Bowlingual to your dog’s collar and wait for her to bark. When she does, a translation and an image will appear on the handheld display. According to Japan Trend Shop, Bowlingual can translate the barks of 50 different dog breeds and even a few mix breeds. It’s probably a good thing there isn’t a translator for cats, yet. Cats would be more blunt and rude, whereas dogs are just happy to see us.

The Canine Shower Stall: $1250 at Hammacher Schlemmer

Anyone who owns a large dog dreads bath time. Many dogs hate baths, but love to play in lakes and rivers. No large dog owner escapes the bath unscathed and dry. If you fear bath time that much, you might think about spending over a thousand dollars for a canine shower. This shower has 16 water-jet nozzles and a showerhead that washes and rinses your dog. The dog goes inside the high-walled shower and is the only one that gets wet. This shower might be more powerful and fun than your own. Maybe pooch will share.

Bold Interactive Pet Laser Toy: $19.99 at

Here is one of those crazy gadgets for cats and dogs that was invented by a genius. All cat owners love teasing their furry friends with laser pointers. There is nothing more hilarious than your cat leaping into the wall and scurrying around like she has a tic. It also gets tiring moving the little pointer around the room. With the Bold Interactive Pet Laser Toy, you don’t have to do any work. The gadget shoots a laser beam around the floor for your cat to chase. It will pause, and then shoot off before kitty can catch it. Sit back, relax and laugh at your cat’s stupidity.