The best Gadgets in 2012 for new College Students

Many years ago, when students attended school, they were concerned about owning the “name-branded / Designer” wardrobe and being part of the “in” crowd. Now, students and parents are concerned of owning the latest technology. You may own a pair of designer wardrobe, but if you also own a prehistoric phone (that is the size of a dinosaur), then you will soon find out that you will be part of the social outcast. To prevent the latter from happening, here is a list of gadgets one must own, or at least be aware, so that one can successfully be part of the social elite!

1.) Cellular phone:

Make sure you own a “smart phone” at least a year old. This way, you can keep in touch with your friends and family. You will not be embarrassed to answer the phone in public and you will not have to leave your circle of friends when trying to find reception for your device. New phones are constantly being advertised through service providers and friends (word of mouth). 

2.) Netbook or Tablets:

Yes, the days of scribing on a tablet or notebook has disappeared due to the invention of these portable devices. They help organize your material, legible and easy to read, can prepare study notes, time savers and the list is endless.  Many also come with built in Internet so you can research online while working on assignments and projects. They are also easily integrated with many other devices. Therefore, it is an investment to your success in college.

3.) MP3 players and Storage devices:

No more bulky floppy disks or dust infested disks!  The new devices are hard to destroy and easy to carry with you at all times. Many come in the form of a keychain, but have the capacity of storing gigabytes worth of data. You can save photos, documents, and music. The cost of many of these storage devices range from brand and capabilities.

 4.) Printers

This is an integral part of a college student’s life. The newer printers have the capability of scanning, copying and printing. Further, they come in a variety of small sizes and are affordable. Many also have storage device inputs so that you do not have to have a computer to send data to print at all times.

This is an introductory list and based on the individual’s needs, this list may expand or decrease. With the use of technology, it is important to make sure that you have extra printer cartridges and power supplies, because if you are not prepared to overcome these issues, these same technologies can become a “stressor” to the student.  Good luck in your programs!