Hidden Video Cameras for Extra Security

Once you set it up, you can be able to see what is going on around your home from inside the home. The camera is hooked up to a receiver, which you place indoors and the camera sends the video to the receiver. You can use outdoor wireless camera for your business also, if you own a business. You can connect the receiver to the television, your VCR, digital video recorder or computer. From this you can view the video or record the video. With your computer, you can record to the computer hard drive and be able to access the video later.

Be sure to know where you will place the security camera. It is important to place it somewhere that highlights different angles of your home or business. Plan where you will put the receiver because both the security camera and the receiver need to be at least 40 meters from each other in order for them to work. You can possibly think about placing the receiver closer to the window.
Extending the range of transmission using a plug-in wireless card that plugs into the outdoor wireless security camera would help to increase the range, if the distance between the camera and receiver is more than 40 meters. Some outdoor security cameras will come built in with antennas that cover a wider range of distance.

You will need a wireless security camera to use outdoors that is reliable and durable in different weather conditions, vandalism or any other external damages. Be sure to have something to house your camera. Don’t leave it exposed. You do want to protect it against any damages. It has to be covered to keep it from the sun, rain, snow or dust.

No matter what type of climate you live in, be sure to protect your wireless security camera against any kind of weather conditions, but especially extreme weather conditions. If you experience really hot climate where you live, you may need a wireless security camera that has a build-in fan. If you live in very cold climate, the same is true with a built-in heater. You may be able to buy a special housing for the camera from your self defense product store.

You also have to look at the light level of the camera. If the camera can operate at a lower level of light, then it can transmit a much clearer picture. If the level light is very low, then you might want to consider getting a camera that has night vision. Even in the dark, the camera will be able to transmit very clear picture of its surroundings.

The good thing about the outdoor wireless security camera is that it is easily installable and will give you the peace of mind to know that your home is protected.