Computer Slowdown

The first thing to do is to check where the bottleneck exists. There is always a bottleneck when the computer is running slowly, meaning there is always some part of the computer that is very busy and everything else is waiting for the busy part. Before we look at possible reasons for slowness we have to determine why it exists. Assuming the computer hasn’t slowed down to a halt (in which case depressing the power button for longer than 5 seconds should definitely help) you need to look at the systems resources.

I’m sticking to windows, as I’m on windows right now. So I would press the keys Ctrl-Alt and Del all at the same time, and check out the task manager and look at the Central Processing Unit (CPU) performance. I’d want to be seeing a low usage figure and if not then we might have found the reason. The Processes tab allows you to order the process by CPU usage to determine what’s hogging your CPU. This process needs to be stopped.

Back to the performance problems… the other thing to look at is the computers memory. It needs enough memory to cope with the demands you are placing on it. If a computer runs out of memory it will generally start using the local disk as memory which is a really slow memory store. You can check this on the Performance tab of Task Manager. So, if that is what’s happening then you need to determine which processes are hogging the memory and kill them.

If it’s not the processor nor the memory then it might be the hard disk, a full hard disk isn’t good, nor is a highly fragmented one. Windows has the tools to check this out.

If it’s none of the above then you might want to think about your network/internet connection, perhaps that’s busy? Are you trying to do something over the web? Are you sure it’s the computer that is running slowly not something else like the printer? Are you trying to print something? Watch a DVD? Hmmm I don’t have much to go on here but my last question:

Is your virus software currently scanning?


Ciao and have a lovely day doing whatever it is you are going to do today, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do but if you do, do it well and enjoy yourself whilst doing.