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Choosing a Laptop Case

Choosing a case for your laptop computer is like picking a car.  Would it suit you, and for what purpose would you use it for?  Would you use the laptop case for short or long commuting?  Here is the most important question of all:  Are you vulnerable to any injuries to your shoulder or back?  If you are, then my suggestion would be to consider a laptop case on wheels.  I would also suggest that whether you get a rolling laptop case or a non-rolling laptop case, always (and I do mean always) keep it safe and locked up in your car; always put it in the trunk, never in the backseat, or if you have an SUV, put it in the cargo area and cover it with the retractable cargo cover so that no one would break your windows.

The next step into choosing a laptop case is to do your research.  How big is your laptop?  Is it a 13” or a 15?”  Your laptop screen plays a very big role in deciding what type of case works best for you.  It is like picking out tires for your car:  You cannot attempt to put on 17-inch rims when the car is designed to fit 16-inch rims, or else it would not only look bad, but your speedometer may be off when you are driving.  The same goes for laptop cases; if you have a 15” laptop [screen] and the case is designed for 13” screens, your laptop might be too big, and a bit too snug, and your bag will break.  If your laptop screen is a 15” and the laptop case you are looking for is designed for a 17”, the case would be a bit too big and it would not fit right into the case. 

There are a lot of both retail and online stores where you can search for descent laptop cases.  I recommend looking on the Internet through Google by typing in “Laptop Cases” (hold the quotation marks), and you will see a lot of hits being returned to you. and are great examples where you can purchase the laptop case of your dreams with no shipping charges.  Do you want to find a laptop case where you do not have to pay sales tax either?  Go to, and look for websites that would give you free sales tax and free shipping (this rarely occurs on the Internet).