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Buying a Desktop or Laptop Pros and Cons

Buying a new computer is always a hard decision. Thousand miles journey starts with a small step; similarly, what kind of computers to buy starts with which category your computer should be. Basically, there are two: Desktops and Laptops. Which one is better?

1. Power: Desktops are definitely the winners. Okay, granted, there ARE several powerful laptops out there, but all of them are flawed one way or another. One of the most common problems with powerful laptops is heat! Sometimes, I feel I can cook with my current laptop (a pretty powerful one). Plus, powerful laptops are extremely expensive, and they are so heavy that they will work like a desktop anyway, without the good side of desktops. Again, Desktops are best choice for power.

2. Extendability: Desktops, again, win. Adding RAM, hard drives, PCI (express) card, etc., into a desktop is trivial. Good desktops can be extended without even a screw driver. On the other hand, it is relatively difficult to do so with laptops, and (near) impossible for some cases. Thus, you can upgrade your desktops, but you won’t want to for most of laptops

3. Style: Laptops (usually) win. Granted, there are some gorgeous desktops (such as iMac and the likes), but they are relatively few. Most desktops look similar, with a big box and a monitor. Laptops, on the other hand, have thousands of different styles and flavors!

4. Neatness: Laptops win. For Desktop, at the very least, you will need a monitor, a keyboard, and mouse (if other components are built into your monitor). Otherwise, you will have another separate box. You will have cable between these components in most cases. This is messy. Laptops? One piece, ready to rock ‘n roll

5. Price: For most cases, kind of a tie. Granted, you can buy a much more powerful desktops for the same price as an average laptops, but you probably won’t use all power of an average laptops anyway. Plus, laptops’ prices fall pretty fast.

6. Customizability (ability to customize your own system): Desktops win. Again, it is pretty difficult to change components of a Laptop, while it is generally simple for a desktop. In extreme case, you can buy all separate components for a desktop, and put together yourself. There is no such option in Laptop

7. Mobility: Laptop wins. Well, that’s granted.

8: Energy consumption: Laptops usually win here. Remember, they run from battery, so being energy efficient is pretty big for laptop manufacturers. In contrast, Desktops are supposed to be about power, so, well, people tend to be a bit wasteful when allowed. So, Laptops win.

So, what’s the decision? For most cases, laptops are better. First, it CAN be mobile (although not necessary so).It is also pretty neat, only one piece, and consumes relatively less energy. Its price is not that high nowadays, and you have a lot of choices. Laptops are also much more stylish than Desktops.

However, if you want to build some specialized systems, like home servers, thin clients, powerful game machines, desktops are the way to go. They are very expandable and customizable, so they let you choose what works best for you. Plus, they can have very low prices!

Now, what’s your choice?