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AOL decides to retire the Winamp media player after a 15-year run

In 1996 a software called “Winamp” was released that would go on to have a direct impact on many Internet users, particularly those who were music fans.  It was a digital player that could be downloaded to a users desktop and play music. Built by a software developing company known as Nullsoft, the company was

A look at major Facebook changes since 2004

As millions of people log into Facebook every day, they are bound to notice the changes. Some of the changes users hated or loved. Certain changes have made people mad and want to cancel their profiles. Other changes have been beneficial to everyone and made them grow to love Facebook even more. The new timeline

Twitter adds permanent HTTPS setting

Long in the spotlight for shoddy account security, Twitter rolled out new secure HTTP account access that is designed to quash the growing epidemic of compromised accounts. Hijacked Twitter accounts have been well-known as one of the primary forces driving malicious links and deviant scripts that have wreaked havoc upon the Twitter community, often resulting

Wikipedia President Jimmy Wales Cedes Editorial Control over Porn Scandal

Wikipedia has undergone a major shakeup in the wake of the recent “Wikipedia porn scandal.” For those unfamiliar with the story behind what has been called the “wikiporn scandal”, the short version is that Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger became increasingly concerned that the site was being exploited by people who were using it to distribute

Facebook privacy issues acknowledged by Mark Zuckerberg

Privacy has become an ongoing concern of the millions of members who login to social networking website Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently vowed to protect users privacy while still providing visitors with a rich experience. By sharing selective information, Zuckerberg and Facebook developers theorized, the world would become more open and more connected. When Facebook first launched,

Facebook to reach one billion users by 2012

Facebook is used to being the focus of big numbers and now another one has surfaced. According to Social Bakers, Facebook will have more than one billion registered users by 2012. That number is buoyed by significant growth in certain countries. Brazil saw 1.9 million new users in May 2011 alone, an increase of more

Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges Facebook privacy issues

For several weeks now, social networking giant Facebook has been subjected to a lot of scrutiny due to their revolving door of privacy policy changes, allowing member data to be available to third parties and several discovered security glitches. In addition, in recent weeks many privacy advocates and government legislators have filed complaints with the

Amazon updates Kindle app for Android App with magazine support

Amazon has made a breakthrough in its Android book reader application: Kindle For Android.  Over 100 newspapers and magazines can now be browsed, previewed and purchased through the Amazon market. After downloading and installing the free Kindle application, a simple registration is completed and a trip to the home page reveals options for browsing newspapers

Scientists discover TSA scanners are easily fooled

Ever since the introduction of the terahertz radiation-producing TSA full body scanners, the technology has been under fire. First the public feared exposure to the radiation. Pilots and other members of commercial flight crews refused to pass through the machines and were finally reluctantly exempted by the Department of Homeland Security. Next, a general outcry

Twitter sues Twittad over use of the word ‘tweet’

Tweeting is a commonly used term on the web, as the word ‘tweet’ is generally associated with sending out messages on popular micro-blogging site Twitter; each message a member sends out is generally referred to as a ‘tweet’. If someone forwards a tweet, this is called a ‘retweet’. Currently Twitter has trademarked ‘retweet’ and ‘cotweet’,