I can’t believe that October is about over. The school year seems to be flying by. I don’t know why sometimes the days creep! It has been a tough go round with this dose of Taxotere. I am due for chemo tomorrow and i am still feeling a bit nauseous. It is probably beginning to take its toll as i am also have neuropathy in my fingers and toes again. It also appears my fingernails are looking for a new home again. I will be taking a break from the “hard stuff” as soon as we get our referral for Jaden. It will be a needed break. Looking forward to a weekend with the girls. My good friends Melissa and Jamie are going to escape with me for some time together. Not real sure what is planned but will enjoy no matter what. We roam the neighborhood as spider-man Thursday evening. We just had a cold from blow into San Antonio so it may be a short trip! Tait and Taylor had a blast tonight doing Halloween baking and spooking with Grandma Johnson. We are trying to stay busy and not think about getting our information on Jaden. (it is not working!!!)

We went Trick-Or-Treating with the Johnson’s tonight. Spider-man is ours, the rest are our neighbors…the “other” Johnsons.

We had a great time, got lots of candy. Looking forward to a great weekend!